A New Approach to Adult Day Training

With a variety of exciting, interesting, and hands on daily living skills, including: Instructions on reading, writing, helping tell time, learning about money, cooking class, exercise each day, special awareness session, nature walk, crafts, art class, games, gardening, music & singing class, and basic signing class for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Giving Everyone the Attention They Deserve

Improving the quality of life for special needs individuals with developmental disabilities. Challenged or not.This program offers an opportunity to Learn, Socialize, Gain Self Esteem and Have Fun!
Helping those who can't help themselves and improving the quality of life of each person, learning daily living skills is very important for these individuals, it prepares them to become part of our world. They ask for nothing but give so much.


The Achievers of America's ADT Birdhouse
Click here to see our new birdhouse gallery!

We start with the pieces and the base.
All the pieces are numbered and color coded.

The Achievers build the birdhouses themselves by matching up the numbers.

Once they finish assembling the birdhouse, they decorate them however they choose.

When they are finished, they have a complete birdhouse that they can say they built all by themselves!

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